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Evan Dorkin

Writer and co-creator Evan is an award winning cartoonist (and serious Lovecraft fan),  and late night internet babbler.

Sarah Dyer

Writer and co-creator Sarah is best known for her Action Girl zine and comics. Her Instagram is usually full of food and snacks. 

Erin Humiston

Artist and co-creator Erin is an animator and cartoonist, and co-creator of the indie-rock comic Band with his wife Christine.

Mario A. González

Inker Mario joins us with chapter 2! He's the creator of the webcomics Wyliman and Clink.

Bill Mudron

Colorist Bill is an artist, designer and ace colorist and mapmaker!

Nate Piekos

Letterer Nate is the award-winning type designer and founder of Blambot!


  • Jim Gibbons, our tireless editor!
  • Sam Lu & Ryan Yount for believing in us from the beginning!
  • And Emily Alice Dyer, without whom Calla would have never come about. (And also for her color assists on chapter 1!)